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We help you with maintaining your roses through monthly service. This includes light pruning and deadheading. Deadheading is removing the spent blooms, which encourages your plants to bloom more. Maintaining your roses can be easy with the use of fertilizers, sprays, herbicides, and pre-emergencies (weed inhibitors). Our service allows you to stop and smell the roses.

We come across unpruned roses, and there is so much deadwood. We remove the dead, damaged, diseased, and the dingy; these are the big four "Ds." We are removing the old to make room for the new. We leave the healthy branches, but they too get pruned, so they will produce better blooms. The next step is to fertilize the rose, so it has some food to take off. Then it will not just exist but thrive.

This is just a small sample of what it takes to grow healthy roses. Knowing the basics, applying them will bring great results. I use different types of fertilizers. Some are fast-acting and will start to produce growth right away.

In the hotter months, we use a slow-release type fertilizer to give continual feeding. There are different types of pests and chemicals to mitigate the situation, from organic sprays to systemic approaches. Just like anything you do, it takes some work. There are some basics to give roses the best opportunity to grow and produce blooms for our clients to enjoy. Oue first consultation is free.

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